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World’s Smallest Small Cell-elfCell

Femto/Converged Home Gateway/Home eNodeB

Help mobile operators to build digital home integrated platform.
elfCell, which contains a Qualcomm FSM9016 inside, was designed to be the similar size as a business card and can be easily combined with other devices in your guest room.

Light4G Solution

Light4G is a cost effective and easy deployment solution for mobile operators to improve coverage and expand capacity in hotspot, it can be deployed in several scenarios based on the coverage area:

1. In small area (less than 1,000 square meters), single pico base station is sufficient for coverage and capacity, such as cafe, operator's shop, retail chain store etc.

2. In medium area (between 1,000 and 5,000 square meters) divided by several independent area, multiple pico base stations can quickly be deployed, typical scenario is office buildings, small enterprise or supermarket etc.

3. In large area (above 5,000 square meters) isolated by wall and floor, small cells can be deployed at separated rooms, or supplement the coverage hole and enhance the capacity of the existing DAS and mDAS solution.

4. Light4G can be deployed in outdoor area to offload the Macro base station in hotspot or provide coverage in rural area.



Network Plug & Play

Based on TR069
Easy to manage & control

LIPA/SIPTO reduce the
load of core network

Data  channel based on
IPsec encryption


Easy deployment

Simplified Installation and Maintenance
Baseband, RF and antenna are integrated in one box, compact dimension like Mini Mac and less than 500g.

Simplified installation, can be mounted on ceiling and wall.
Reuse WLAN site resource: fully use of the existing transmission and power supply.

Fast deployment: configuration management by local Web UI, plug and play automatic commissioning by SON.

Low cost

One percent of the cost of the macro station.
Total solution cost is far lower than traditional DAS and mDAS.

Low OPEX by simplified operation and
maintenance, SON technology of Auto-PCI Selection and Conflict Resolution, Self-Healing, ANR, etc.

Support local breakout to Internet by LIPA/SIPTO to reduce the load of core network.


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